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4 décembre 2009 5 04 /12 /décembre /2009 20:17

I was a lil' boy yesterday.

And I am getting old today.

Do you remember me baby ?

Do you remember me happy ?

I don't want to turn the last page.

I know, I'm living my old age.

But what will I be tomorrow ?

Will it be the end of the show ?


… time passed too fast …


One of us, nothing more and less.

Sure I will die but I don't stress.

You know my childhood was so great.

There is nothing I really hate.

A kind of Nostalgia comes back.

I passed you. I followed your track.

I loved you. You became my wife.

Thanks to you I had a good life.


… time passed too fast …



Yes I have a lot of regrets

And I miss all my older my mates.

Oh yes my life wasn't perfect,

And some actions had bad effects.

Sure I can't be a model dad.

I've done nothing when they were sad.

You have to find another love

After the day I will have dove.



… time passed too fast …


Too fast to live, too young to die.

Too sad to smile, too old to cry.

Too bad to win, too good to fail.

Too mad to think, too poor to lie.






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