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12 août 2010 4 12 /08 /août /2010 15:17






Hello folks. Missed me ? Sorry, I was still working ... and actually, I'm at my workplace right now writing that. Summer jobs are great because it gives us money but it totally sucks when it comes to go out with friends and to have some rest. Hum, I'm a little bit lying because for the first time I've seen my friends quite a lot during the summer and it's not already finished. It feels good to be with them, to don't care and to enjoy life. It really feels good. You'll say I'm always talking about the same subjects, the same topics and that's right. Sorry for that. But I've seen the four seasons of the TV show Skins in five/six days and it's normal to think about friends after that. This is pretty good serie. I loved the first generation and I liked the second one ... now comes the third. Will it be good too ? Anyway, I'll wait for it. You have seen that I write this letter to myself all in english ... why that ? Easy reason : I've watched Skins in english and I would like to improve even more and more my english so I need to practise it everytime I can. To do so, our english friends from Romford will be in France for two weeks from the 16th. Isn't it great ? I'll see if I really improved in Australia or not and I'll know if the australian people gave me an accent or not. Oh, one other thing that will be a reason to practise my english : Alessio, my italian friend living in Spain, will be at my birthday "party". The last time I've seen him it was in front of the enter of the YMCA - Romford two years ago. He probably changed but I guess me too. I'm reading "La mécanique du coeur" by Mathias Malzieu and it is strange but in a good way. You know, I love strange stuff. This weekend I'll be with my friend Tristan from the Lycée. It's gonna be a "No Life" Weekend like the ones we did with Yoan at the beginning ... but without Yoan (he's on holidays). A No Life Weekend is a weekend for geeks : laptops, xbox 360, many video games, movies, junk food, soft drinks, my pen tablet and my camera ... It's gonna be like Barney Stinson says it Legen - wait for it - dary !!! After the weekend, I'll have still three days of work at Vegam and then I'll help my mother in her gîte de groupes for three days. Finally, I will have less than a week of rest doing whatever I want ... and then the Noces d'or of my grand-parents with all the family (even with my brother and his girlfriend). All together, like for Christmas ... that was, by the way, the last time I've seen him. It's been a while. After the Noces d'or, I'll go back at Cholet with my mother to put my stuff in my new flat which is exactly the old one. Funny, isn't it ? The 2nd of September I'll have two meetings at my school : totally useless, they'll tell us some crap like they used to do. The 3rd I'll just have in the morning (but not too early, only at 10 am =p) two hours of competuring and then : weekend !!! The day after, I'll be twenty.

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