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22 octobre 2011 6 22 /10 /octobre /2011 07:22



Photography's great! Hell yeah! Showing what you've seen is fun, sharing it even better. When you have something beautiful, weird, different or just interesting in front of you, it's totally normal to take your camera and shoot pictures. Well, it is for me. But wouldn't it be good to add a meaning behind that? There are so many causes, people, events we can fight for, wouldn't it be better to do so? I know that some of you prefer watching nice pictures instead of seeing the truth (a happy or a sad one) behind all of it. I know it's boring to learn something instead of enjoy, simply enjoy. I do understand that! That is why, in my point of view, a "good" picture is a beautiful one at the first sight and a meaningful one after that. I woud love to take "good" pictures but I sure am not ready. Perhaps one day... Maybe... Anyway. First, I need to find a cause that affects me. I don't think someone can help me with it. I've got to find it myself and I hope I will. I really hope so! Today, all I have to do is to practise, to control my camera and to follow some themes. Photography is a hobby but I pretty cool one! I love it!



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