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5 février 2015 4 05 /02 /février /2015 15:47

I love when you leave me,

Thinking I'll be upset

But all I am really

Is free. No more your pet.

I love being alone

Far from you, your sweet eyes.

No reason to be down

Far from your charming lies.

I love having no news,

And not giving any.

Okay I didn't choose

But damn I am happy!

I love having the choice

To find my true lover.

Perhaps I've got no Royce

But way more to give her!


This is not a love song, don't get me wrong.

This is a mother fucking hatred song!


I love how it's easy

To forget you for good.

You're a bad memory

Here to kill my good mood!

I love meeting new chicks

Way way hotter than you.

I can send you some pics

If you don't think it's true.

I love thinking you're sad

And not feeling so great.

Yeah I'm being quite bad

But afterwards regret...

I love this thing we had

And am a bit confused,

Trying to be just glad.

Yet I'm still feeling used.


I hate feeling shitty,

When you make me love you

And at the end tell me

"I am not meant for you."



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