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24 octobre 2010 7 24 /10 /octobre /2010 18:45


Short text written the 01-10-10. Don't worry, my grandmas are alright. ;)






You're feeling weak. Sure your bones are. You're always sick like an old car. You don't see well. You can't hear more. You always fail. That's so hardcore. You love the past but time moves on and not just fast, just like a clown. When you enjoy, it runs speedily. When there's no joy, it stops deadly.




My poor Grandma,

We all love ya.




I'm feeling strong as a mountain but not for long. Here comes the rain. My sight is good, my ears are too but not my mood. What can I do ? I feel alone when you're not here. I'm feeling down. Miss you my dear. But time moves on and kills the dreams. I hate that clown. I wanna scream.




My poor Grandma,

We all love ya.



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