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10 mars 2010 3 10 /03 /mars /2010 00:41


Welcome to my funerals oh! dear friend
And thank you to be with me 'til the end.
If there is no one but just my family,
I'd like to say : “Fuck you everybody !”
If there are too many people, it's weird.
Go away, of false friends I just don't need.
Today's a special day for me I guess.
I've said goodbye to my precious princess.
I was getting cold, I was getting old.
Sorry for the extra-years I just sold.
One or two left, is-that great after all ?
Now rest in peace my body and my soul.

Practical aspects of my funerals :
The ceremony must follow two goals.
The first one : do the best of the burials
The second one : just kill the sadness calls.
The roses must be the only flowers.
Red or white but not pink. It's alright sir ?
The end-song has to be “Is it ok?”.
Do whatever you want but please don't pray.
Perhaps you will miss me one day, two days,
No more. If so, stop it. Follow your ways.
My life was fun, was cool, was pretty good.
Thank you because I leave in a good mood.

Enjoy my funerals oh! my dear friend.
Wait for your heaven's postcards I will send.
“The one who's not right here is always wrong.”
The one's me, I suppose, in this sad song.
Everyone can blame me for everything.
Do it 'cause it could be a useful thing.
Let my ashes fly away in the air.
Let them be scattered, you know, I don't care.
Floating on the water, they will travel.
I'm dead, and guess you what, it's no trouble.
The memories you had with me will fall.
Now rest in peace my body and my soul.







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