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7 novembre 2010 7 07 /11 /novembre /2010 09:50



I write you this letter Santa

To be sure on something I'm not.

Yesterday I had a bad thought :

You are not my parents, are ya ?

I have a doubt and I can't sleep.

I heard Coca-Cola bought you.

Is it more lies or is it true ?

You are a dream I want to keep.

We all wait for you at Christmas,

We all send you letters before

With ideas of presents and more

So can't you be alive for us ?

Sure it's a fake you in the shop,

At school maybe and on TV.

But whatever, we're still happy.

So no, you can't just kill my hope!

There were some good moments we share.

You're not them, it would be a shame

And my life couldn't be the same.

Can you answer me soon ? Take care.





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